“5 Reasons” Owners Should Not Run Social Media
December 30, 2021

Gone are the days when finding the time to market your business online can be done during your lunch break. The days of becoming an expert on every level of marketing your business have long passed. Craeve & Company understands that running any business is a challenge; you wear many hats as an owner or manager. It’s not always easy to prioritize the management of your social media presence, let alone get a monthly e-blast sent! The good news is this really doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders.

There are five reasons why your business needs Craeve & Co. to support your social media endeavors.

     1. The Learning Curve

The first step to any successful social media marketing strategy is learning and understanding all digital platforms and how to leverage them as digital support mechanisms. The learning curve is steep! If you are unable to utilize the channels to their fullest potential, you are missing a critical level of engagement. Craeve understands the nuances that come with each platform.

     2. Constant Updates

Staying current and on-trend with the ever-changing algorithms is a priority. The occasional quippy post, beautiful photo, or perfectly executed video is no longer enough. Navigating the constant change can often feel like an inside joke that you aren’t privy to hearing. If you want to succeed, you need industry know-how; you need social media expertise.

     3. Time Consumption

Successfully running your business takes time; social media marketing does too. Time is crucial to developing brand recognition across your social media presence. Writing content, finding visuals, and implementing a strategy must harmonize with end-user engagement. Consistency is expected; timely engagement is good business.

     4. Editing Anxiety

The language and engagement tactics you employ for one social media platform may not translate to another. Often, we find clients’ lack of posting is simply due to what we call “editing anxiety.” Clients often get stuck in over-complicating, over-editing what content is suitable for which site and how to target your ideal customers. We understand the subtleties of your brand and account for them in any social media strategy.

     5. The Real Cost

How valuable is your time? What would it cost for you to tackle all aspects of your social media marketing, two days each month, three, more? Delegating your social media management can help you achieve a more significant purpose while offering the benefit of having an experienced team fully engaged with customers.

So many factors need to work in sync to leave a lasting impression, create a reputation, and establish authority, creating a positive, productive connection with your audience. Regardless of who’s doing the posting, the right social media marketing strategy provides the competitive edge needed to rise above the competition, engage your intended audience, and boost your return on investment!