5 Reasons Why Video is So Important in the Digital Era
March 8, 2021

We are in the era of instant gratification, where video broadcasts are now being filmed while simultaneously viewed right from the comfort of your home. With promotional toolboxes growing at rapid speeds, it is no surprise that video has become King of the marketing game. Last year alone, 63% of businesses adopted video as part of their sales strategy, while 83% of them decided video gives their business a good ROI. With those kinds of statistics, it is clear to see – video is here to stay.

Why video works:

If you were served the same content over and over, would you tune it out?  Video allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently in a more entertaining way than flat mediums. It also allows customers to get a sense of your style, understand the emotions and/or positive connections between you and your brand, and it personalizes you, helping you be more relatable.  Why do we want “to have a beer” with the President? Because we want to know the guy running the country!  If people are doing business with you, they want to feel like they know you and it helps build trust by giving them more intangible touchpoints.

Why your organization should be using video in your marketing and sales strategy:

  1. Website Conversions – Having a product or service video embedded on your website will offer a ton of conversions. People like to see how things work. By offering a solution to their current problem, this will only further entice them to purchase.
  2. Tool Accessibility – Although we used to need a sea of hard-wired attachment chords to watch videos, tools have become much more tech savvy. With the mass production of video equipment and mobile phone recording programs, not only are these tools constantly improving, but they have also become affordable. Now you just have to learn the programs and editing software.
  3. Users Sell Themselves – You don’t always have to hard sell your customers. As a matter of fact, people don’t like feeling like they are being sold. Offer interesting facts and clearly explain how your product or service works. This will get users engaged and imagining themselves using these products or services in their everyday lives.
  4. Boosts Your SEO Ranking – You know who loves video more than anyone…Google! Not only does video keep viewers on your webpage longer, but it gives you an additional opportunity to optimize the content in the titles and descriptions. Since Google acquired YouTube, video has become ultra-important to the platform. By including video, you can also offer your potential customers the next step in purchasing your product or service, just don’t forget to include a backlink to the correct landing page when you are embedding.
  5. Social Media Sharing and Engagement – One of the biggest goals every business should have is social media interest. People share and respond to content via emotions, so why not pour on the entertainment?  You will want to make sure your videos are fun and geared toward your targeted audience, because shares can lead to new potential customers visiting your website, which can lead to conversions.

There are many reasons why your business should be creating video content for marketing. Not only can your business get leverage from your website, but you can give it legs through email campaigns and social posting. Not all of your competition will adopt the video marketing strategy, mostly because they don’t understand the benefits. So, get ahead of the competition and watch your sales climb!