5 Steps for Digital Marketing Success
March 4, 2022

Digital marketing is something that should be used by everyone, but that doesn’t mean the same strategy can be used for everyone. Your company, and your brand, is unique, that is what makes you, you. You need a marketing strategy to fit your specific needs and goals, no matter what industry you are in.

Here are 5 steps to help you jump right into Digital Marketing within your organization.

1. Define Your Strategy – Ask yourself the 5 “W’s”. Who is your target audience? As an organization, what are you trying to accomplish? When is the deadline? Where is your digital marketing going to take place – social media, website, blog? Why does your organization exist, what can you offer your community? Put pen to paper, and watch your strategy come to life with defined goals in mind.

2. Content Determination – You need to decide as an organization what type of content you want to share. Do you want to be recording videos, writing blogs, doing LIVE segments on social media? After you have your strategy defined, you need to think through what pieces of content you need, to put that strategy into action.

3. Content Sharing – After you know what your strategy is and what type of content you are going to share, you need to decide WHERE you want to put it. Website, blog, social media, print media, video series, podcast? The opportunity is endless, and there is so much you can do with digital content.

4. Where are you sending people? – When you put out digital content, you ultimately want visitors to end up back at your website, where they can read your blog, check out links to your social media pages, sign up for your newsletter, make a purchase. This is where you can collect data, to help your business grow. We want the great ideas that you put out into the world, in digital format, to give you and your organization the return it deserves.

5. Measuring Success – Last but not least…How are you going to measure your success? What defines success for you and your organization? Just like everyone’s strategy is different, everyone’s idea of success is different. Knowing how you are going to measure this strategy’s accomplishments not only will help you determine what needs to be worked on, but this will also help you make your goals for the next strategy.

All of these steps, even though some may seem a bit easier, and more clear, than others, is what you and your team need to think through, before putting your digital strategy to work. A marketing strategy is not one size fits all, but if you master these 5 steps, your organization will be a digital marketing success story.

Check out our full #FoodserviceFriday video on digital marketing strategy here.

We are excited to see you out there in the digital marketing world!

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