Adapting to New 2024 Email Requirements: A Guide for Businesses
January 9, 2024

Beginning in February 2024, businesses sending bulk emails face a new challenge: adapting to the latest email requirements set by Google and Yahoo. These changes, aimed at improving email deliverability and combating spam, are essential for businesses to understand and implement.

Understanding the New Email Requirements

If you work with Craeve, our team is already on top of everything! When we send marketing emails on your behalf, we always ensure that we enable a one-click unsubscribe process and comply with other technical requirements so that your emails reach their intended users and are not flagged as spam.

Evaluating Your Email Strategy

Businesses should make sure that they are following best practices to comply with stricter enforcement to fight spam. These include:

  1. Enable Double Opt-In: This step stops bot attacks and prevents harmful addresses from entering your list. It also filters out uninterested parties and reduces hard bounces. Hard bounces are emails that get returned for permanent reasons like the address no longer existing if an employee leaves a company.
  2. Verify Your Email List: The beginning of the year is a great time to scan those email lists to see if you recognize any names that should be removed or added. If you have an email list that hasn’t been contacted in over a year, it’s probably safe to remove it also.
  3. Update Your Welcome Email: If you have a welcome email that you send, we can help you ensure that it sets clear expectations about what you will be sending and how often. Allowing subscribers to choose their content preferences is also a plus.
  4. Optimize Content to Avoid Spam Filters: Avoid spam-associated traits like red text, excessive exclamation points, or overly lengthy content.

These changes are not a one-time fix but an ongoing process. Businesses must adapt to keep email practices secure, user-friendly, and spam-free. At Craeve, we stay informed of the evolving email requirements for you to ensure your business remains compliant and your emails continue to reach your audience effectively.

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