An Interview with Craeve & Company President and Founder Chelsea Stuck
November 1, 2021
Kicking off Q4 on a high note, President and Founder of Craeve & Company Chelsea Stuck had the pleasure of having a virtual sit down with Jason Wange, founder of Foodservice Powerplant Network, a community of over 1,500 foodservice professionals who are committed to remaining hopeful and offering positivity to those around us.

Craeve & Co. is a full-service sales and marketing services company, providing strategic sales planning, digital marketing campaigns, creative and design services, email and social media content development, lead capturing, and website development services for start-ups, manufacturers, distributors, chains, service businesses, and more. During the interview, Chelsea discusses the challenges she faced while transitioning from working in the hospitality industry to becoming the owner of a marketing powerhouse in the hospitality industry. She reminisces about the journey and what inspires her every day. Read about her interview below!

“Tell us about your history in the industry and a bit about Craeve & Company.”

– Jason Wange

The interview started as interviews do, with two individuals sharing the tools to inspire, connect, and grow. Chelsea got her start in the foodservice industry very young and recounted her experience working with a start-up company whose onboarding best practice was traveling all over the country to learn as much as possible as part of the industry she was serving. She shared a story of flying from Chicago to California for her first-ever presentation, dominating the roundtable discussion, and catching the industry bug!

Chelsea worked in sales management with everything from chains to national dealers to managing rep groups and every facet of the foodservice industry in-between. Throughout the next nine years, she developed a reputation for results and built an impressive skill set.

The next few years were filled with questioning the next steps, asking which path was right, and tackling how she should move forward. She found that what set the great companies apart was great sales and great marketing! Looking at the industry as a whole, Chelsea set her sights on sharing her skills with companies that could most benefit from someone like her believing in them.

Throughout the interview, Chelsea and Jason talk more about their collective experiences as marketers, how they want to be motivated while also being the tool of inspiration for others to succeed in a growing industry.

“I found myself asking myself,

‘what’s next?’”

– Chelsea Stuck

In the spirit of not spoiling the best parts of the story, check out Chelsea’s full interview with the Foodservice Powerplant Network. Follow the link to watch!