Color Psychology Plays a Big Role in Branding
July 15, 2022

We all have a favorite color, but you can’t just pick your favorite for your brand. Let’s take a look at how color psychology affects our perceptions, beliefs and behaviors, both socialized and physiological responses.

Color associations

Color associations are not 100% the same for every person, as we all have different lives, experiences, and associations with the entire rainbow. That does not mean color psychology shouldn’t be used, it absolutely should. If for no other reason than according to the study “The Impact of Color on Marketing” 90% of snap judgments on products come from the COLOR of your branding. You cannot ignore that stat.

Here are basic color associations to get you started:

Red: Intense, Powerful, Passion, Angry

Orange: Warmth, Creativity, Successful, Cheerful

Yellow: Joy, Youth, Playful, Energy

Green: Nature, Health, Safety, Growth, New, Innocent

Blue: Calm, Water, Vast, Peaceful, Wisdom

Purple: Wealth, Royalty, Luxury, Magic

And then we have Black & White:

Black is evil, elegant, strong and professional

White is spacious, innocent, clean, classic and simple

Now, pinpoint your brand’s personality in 3 adjectives, and narrow down the color wheel