Craeve & Co. Celebrates Five Years of Innovative Hospitality Marketing
March 14, 2024
As Craeve & Co. marks its fifth anniversary (hooray!), we’re looking back on the story behind the founding of Craeve, our milestones, unique approach, and visions for the future.
Chelsea Stuck, a seasoned hospitality professional with a deep understanding and passion for the industry, founded Craeve and Co. in 2020. She had a highly decorated sales which put her at the forefront of managing complex issues in fast-paced environments, from new product launches to strategic negotiations. This blend of creative passion and analytical talent fueled her dream to launch Craeve & Co. “I realized there was a significant gap in the market, particularly for manufacturers’ reps needing marketing support. Starting Craeve was a combination of my entrepreneurial spirit and filling that gap,” Chelsea explained.

The arrival of COVID-19 and subsequent rise of new technology and automation has reshaped the foodservice landscape, presenting both new challenges and opportunities. Craeve responded by integrating creative, tech-driven solutions to support our clients, staying involved in industry events, training, and adapting strategies to meet evolving market demands. The company’s agility and commitment to innovation have been crucial in helping our clients navigate change.

Reflecting on the past five years, Chelsea highlights the evolution of Craeve from a strategic planning entity to a comprehensive team comprising graphic designers, content managers, writers, website experts, and video production specialists. “Our growth has been beyond my initial imagination. It’s the relationships we’ve built, the creativity we’ve fostered, and the dynamic team that stands as our most significant achievements,” she says proudly.

What sets Craeve apart, according to Chelsea, is the team’s firsthand experience in the foodservice industry paired with a fresh and future-focused business approach. This unique perspective allows Craeve to offer tailored, innovative solutions that resonate well with our clients’ needs.

When asked to compare Craeve & Co. to a restaurant dish, Chelsea paused before answering, “Oh, this is tough. I love sushi, so imagine us as a sushi boat. Tons of options and something for everyone. Just like you can pick and choose the pieces of sushi you want, our clients can select the specific services they want and add and change them as the needs of their business change. No need to hire an entire in-house marketing team.”

Cheers to 5 years
Craeve & Co.

If she could offer advice to her past self, Chelsea emphasizes adaptability, networking with other entrepreneurs and mentors, and listening to client feedback. “For me, these have been the pillars of building a successful business,” she shared. “Being adaptable, fostering strong connections, and prioritizing client satisfaction has been instrumental in our journey.”

As Craeve & Co. celebrates this significant milestone, the journey reflects passion, innovation, and collaboration. Under Chelsea Stuck’s leadership, the company continues to grow and redefine hospitality marketing, promising more years of success and creativity ahead.

Cheers to five years!