Everyone is on TikTok, You Should Be Too.
June 23, 2022

Even if you are not talking about TikTok, your friends, your kids, your grandkids, and your customers are. We understand that TikTok isn’t for everyone, but as a business owner you can’t ignore how large the audience is. Since its launch in 2017 it has grown from 65 million users worldwide to 1 billion users. The US has over 138 million active users as of March 2022. That means 41% of the entire US population is on TikTok.

Despite the global reach, TikTok posts are directed to users through geo-location, making it especially helpful for small businesses and local companies by showing your content to the people close to you.

We realize the obstacles of adding another social media platform to an already busy business operation. However, TikTok makes it easy. There is a discover page that spoon feeds you trends that are popular and viral.

The app is all inclusive – music, sound, voice over, captions, editing, and filters. It’s easier than most editing software and mobile phone cameras are shooting high quality resolutions videos.

Most importantly, with TikTok, shorter is better! Almost anything 7 seconds long will land on the For You Page and anything longer than 30 seconds probably won’t be watched, so you won’t need to set aside a long time to edit or record.

Getting started on TikTok is easy:

Number 1: Download it, now! Create two accounts. One for you, and one for your brand.

Download Tik Tok

Number 2: Play with it for a week. Follow brands that are in your industry and brands that aren’t in your industry but have marketing campaigns you admire.

Number 3: Plan your TikTok debut. Set a date to batch content. Pick a Monday morning to launch. Start recording. Play with the extensive list of trending filters and sounds, and save them to your drafts.

With the ease, the fun, the price (free), and the accessibility, there’s no excuse not to embrace TikTok.