Gean & Olive – Open for Business
July 12, 2020

The summer heat began setting in a couple weeks ago as we out the final touches on Craeve’s newest brand operative, Gean & Olive. After a series of product testing and staging, we were finally able to open the doors to let some fresh air in. Our brick and mortar boutique offers a line of custom made products such as: handmade jewelry, intricately designed wooden cutting boards, local goat milk soaps, smart kitchen tools, and a variety of usable crafts – with the majority designed by women.

It is in this period of uncertainty that a business should seek divarication in order to find new streams of revenue to continue its agility. Gean & Olive did just that by filling a role that was previously absent. It was my dream to have a retail shop attached to Craeve’s growing brand and with the changing landscape of business during COVID-19.  I decided it was finally time to launch. With normal business slowing down, now is a great time for you to modify your current business model as well. Whether you are a restaurant who has decided to sell your sauces, a rep firm expanding to sell a new type of product you’ve never sold before, or a small local business partnering with other small businesses to have a community sale, there are plenty of options to keep your business busting at the seams.

For an array of products follow us on Instagram: @geanandolive.