How is Your Local Business Prepping for 2020 Holiday Sales?
October 9, 2020

Here at Craeve, we have learned to quickly adapt to the uncertainty that has come with COVID-19.  A lot of the companies we work for are laying out new strategies for marketing their products and services this holiday season.  If you have not considered the change in buyer dynamics – we are here to help you!

Whether you are a restaurant, retail shop, hotel, or specialty store, the way customers will be purchasing this year will likely look quite different than year’s past.  With social distancing measures in place throughout the country, digital sales will likely outnumber those traditional Black Friday blowouts and special offers will likely be seeked out.

If you do not have a plan set in place – now is the time to start preparing.  Although it is challenging to set seasonal goals with so many unknown factors looming this Winter, it is good to at least establish a goal to aim for.  Amid your goal planning, you will also want to make sure your business technology is updated and can work efficiently under the stress of several users at one time. With digital sales likely outperforming foot traffic this season, it is important to make sure your accounting software or tracking is linked to your e-commerce platforms, in order to save time once the holiday surge has eased up.

Digital Marketing will likely be the most beneficial way to reach customers and gain followers this Winter.  While it is always important to build strategies for finding new customers, it is far more important to focus on the loyal audience whose attention you already have.  Offering your returning customer base special promotions will help you get higher sales and create a following.  The best way tot do this is by capturing email addresses and data from your customers.  Need help obtaining this info? – the team at Craeve & Co specialized in digital marketing with Google Ad Words, Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn Business Manager, e-blasts, and website analytics.  Not only can we grow your customer base, but we can improve your sales very quickly, leaving you with less work and more time to put money in your pocket.

Wishing you the best of luck and happy holidays!