January 21, 2020

A few months ago, I anxiously pressed PURCHASE on a plane ticket to Milan to attend Host Milano for the first time. I remember thinking this could be the best decision ever or biggest waste of first year funding – which to anyone who’s launched a business knows this is a legit concern. WOW I am thankful I trusted my gut that day!

That was my first solo international trip ever and mind you, I am a WELL traveled gal stateside. I think I’ve clocked 44 of 50 states and just about every major city except Portland. I spent the vast majority of the past 10 years living life out of a suitcase and hotel room, but this time I was stepping out my comfort zone without the safety net of a corporate role. I took my insider knowledge, camera equipment and a leap of faith into that trip. I will never forget the feeling when I realized I made the right call. (Or the many, many delicious cappuccinos!)

Flash forward, and here I am embarking on another first… the MAFSI Conference! #mafsi2020 One of my favorite clients encouraged me to attend and I figure if I can go to Italy and find value, then how can I pass up a chance to network and learn in sunny California. Stay tuned…