New Year, New Scorecard. Let’s do this!
January 19, 2020

There is something sacred about a fresh start to a new year. As a sales professional, the anticipation of what’s next and opportunity to rewrite the script is both alluring and daunting. We know all too well that when it’s a good year, it’s the best feeling in the world! But when it’s rough, there’s not enough wine in Italy to fix your mood or numbers. Yet we have this natural ability each year to reset our minds, think positively and step back up to the plate ready to bat. Now that’s #motivation!

So what are you going to do differently this year? You have an opportunity to hit the reset button and try a completely new #salesstrategy in 2020. Whatever you were or weren’t to your customers in 2019 is behind you… so let’s get cranking on the new YOU!

I know that in 2020, I am going to be more transparent about my ideas, opinions and successes at Craeve & Co. I spent the last 12 months quietly and methodically building a company, brand, #strategy and portfolio – yet I’ve barely shared any of the details with my professional world. In 2020, I am going to do a better job of planting seeds for new opportunities and cultivating leads. In 2020, I am taking Craeve to the #nextlevel.

I believe you should too… and we’re ready to help!