Strategic Planning Through a Global Pandemic
December 20, 2021

It’s been a few years since instinctual business strategies have lent themselves to establishing a clear sense of direction, and regardless of unpreparedness, another year begins. Hello, 2022! Craeve & Company, like many of our clients, has adopted various new tools and technologies throughout the years, tackling numerous operational and industry changes. At Craeve & Co., we set our sights on essential aspects of creating a successful marketing strategy. Craeve gains valuable insights by looking at the full scope of your marketing efforts and understanding the story behind the sales, the good and the not so great. In recent years, businesses of all industries, shapes, and sizes have seen a creative shift in sales and marketing strategies. The question is, “where should you start?” “What is the best strategy to position your business for continued growth?”

  • Reflect on the last three years. Compare each year and take a realistic look at what types of sales and marketing strategies worked best for your business before and during the pandemic.
  • Evaluating your past goals is equally essential in isolating strategic planning strengths and weaknesses. Focus on adapting to present industry trends and moving forward.
  • Start your 2022 marketing strategy by thinking about creating an impact. Apply your knowledge to action-oriented goals. Offer a new product, grow your sales, evolve your business model, even expand your team. Whatever the plan, the first quarter is the time for innovation.
  • Don’t let your hard work be for naught; define measurables, create alignment, and position your team for the coming year. If everyone is set to accomplish the same objectives, the combined efforts are to the company’s benefit.
  • Create brand awareness. The performance of marketing and communication efforts is greatly influenced by what can be achieved in a digital space. Accept the imbalance in routine buyer motivation and adjust digital marketing spending accordingly.
  • Don’t just sell; share! There is value in slowing down and understanding the bigger picture. Maintaining prepares you for the interim; innovating moves you forward.

If you feel like the year has been spent in a constant state of “just getting by,” you are not alone. Set yourself up for success; take the time to communicate with and develop your team. The new year is another opportunity to find areas to dial back, places to invest, and ways to adopt savvy marketing. The bottom line hasn’t changed. Understanding where your marketing strategy came from and where it has the potential to go is essential to making smarter decisions on marketing spends and sales strategies for the year ahead.