The Importance of Branding
September 15, 2022

There is no way around it, branding is important for your company.

We may be a little biased, seeing as branding is our job, but we truly believe it is important for any business. Branding covers everything from the tone of your business copy down to your logo, it shows the values and mission of your company. If one of these elements isn’t in sync with the rest of your brand, it muddles the public image and the public’s understanding of who you are.


Branding is consistent content across all platforms, saying who you are AND what you can do for your customers.

This sounds simple but it can be tricky. You need to distill what the essence of your company is into visual and thematic shorthand. Customers want to know WHO the company is, so your branding needs to be authentic and emotional. That can be difficult to nail down. There are numerous questionnaires online that will help you narrow down your brand identity. 

Brand mission, vision, and values

Your brand mission should be one or two sentences that express your goals and why the company exists. From there, your brand vision is where you see this brand going and achieving in the future. And finally, what are the values that define your company? “77% of consumers buy from brands that share their values,“ according to Sift through a list of values to see which ones apply to your business. They range from respect to integrity to social justice to protecting the environment.

Brand design – color, font, and logo

Once your brand mission, vision, and values are defined, you can begin to play with design. This section of branding uses a mix of color psychology, fonts, and logo design styles.

We are all aware of basic color associations: red is love, blue is calm, green is nature. With the vast hues available and the variations of meanings therein, your colors need to be specific.

Fonts also carry their own associations, none of us would use Comic Sans for a financial business or wing dings for anything anyone needed to read. Careful consideration needs to go into your typography.

Logos look simple but are inherently difficult to design, as you need to convey a lot in a small piece. There are 9 basic types of logos and not all are suited for every industry.

Due to the importance, strong implications, and lasting first impression font, color, and logo have on your audience and clients, we always recommend working with a designer to ensure the message of who you are is not muddied.

Good branding is not just a logo, it’s your company’s personality. It will help people identify you, generate leads, and draw new business to you who share and appreciate your vibe, your vision, and your values.

Branding allows clients to see who is behind the business, and gives your internal team motivation and clear direction, cultivating brand and company loyalty.  So go ideate, be yourself, and hone your branding.