Welcome Carolyn Minor to the Craeve Team!
May 18, 2022

Starting back of house in 1994, Carolyn brings years of experience on the line, behind the bar, serving guests tableside, and managing venues throughout Chicago and Evanston, including staples like Julius Meinl, Francesca’s Restaurant Group, and Smylie Brothers Brewing Company.

Her love for restaurants may span over twentyfive years, but her very first job was writing movie reviews for the Asbury Park Press in New Jersey when she was in fourth grade, igniting her love of storytelling. Content Creator at Craeve & Co is a match made in heaven for Carolyn. She can flex her writing and production skills while staying abreast of all the new trends and tech in the foodservice world. In addition to her copywriting and editing experience, Carolyn will bring her expertise in audio and video postproduction to Craeve, helping Craeve & Co expand into new avenues of marketing development.

“It was instilled in me as a teenager that hospitality meant we were hosting a party. I look at every article or social media post as an invitation to a party you can’t wait to attend. No matter what we are introducing a new menu item, a new venue, or a new piece of equipment I want to make sure your clients want to be there.”

When she is not at Craeve, she is cultivating her following on TikTok, 10,000 strong, and completing a Certificate in Film & TV Industry Essentials at NYU.

Craeve & Co is entering an exciting new phase and Carolyn is an integral part of it!