What in the Heck IS Digital Marketing?!
November 13, 2020

You keep seeing the term every time you flip through your Facebook and Instagram feeds – ‘Digital Marketing to Help Your Business.’ By now you have settled on some variation of a definition that is centered around marketing a business on social media. And although the concept may seem quite simple, the process is not so much. With an array of new social platforms constantly being developed, advertisers – at least the good ones – find themselves in a never-ending pile of articles detailing out best practices for all the platforms and an array of just as in-depth video tutorials.  As platforms are updated regularly, by the time an end user has gotten comfortable with the newest update, platform has changed the algorithm and the end-user is forced to start all over again with the learning process.  Enter…Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is a term that encompasses a wide array of online strategies in order to sell a company’s product or service, gives them brand recognition, build a client database, or achieve a specific goal established by the business. While creating an organic post on your business page can be helpful in striving to reach for your goal, there is simply a whole lot more to the process of making your business successful.  If your business is popular on Facebook or Instagram, you will more than likely want to hire a Digital Marketer to create a live campaign in Facebook Ads Manger, which will reach both Facebook and Instagram platforms.  By launching one of these ads, your brand can reach the exact audience you are aiming for by utilizing detailed targeting.  By dialing in on specific geographic locations, demographics, special interests pertaining to your business, and certain behaviors (including online buying tendencies), you can literally envision what your “perfect customer” looks like – and speak directly to them.

Depending on what industry your business falls in, there are also more specific platforms to connect with potential clients, such as: LinkedIn, Snap Chat, Tik Tok,… and “the King of the Digital Marketing world”…Google AdWords. If your business is more professional product or service-related, through LinkedIn may be your best bet.  With the ability to directly target specific companies, positions, salary range, and education, LinkedIn can find end-users of a certain business standing.  If your company targets end-users under 35, Snap Chat or Tik Tok Ad campaigns will have a better reach, with Tik Tok aiming to pull end-users in the 16 – 24 years of age range.

If your business can be found on Google and you are attempting to acquire a broad range of end-users with certain criteria, Google AdWords is the way to go. If you think you can jump on this platform and begin creating ads with zero to little education on it, think again. Google AdWords has multi-tier certification course due to the complexity of the site.  It’s best to leave this one to the professionals.  With the expansion of Display Ads – those flashy ads that pop up on random websites you are looking at that have nothing to do with the red pair of shoes you were looking at on Tuesday and have you wondering “am I being watched?!” – you know which ones I’m referring to…the sky is the limit for how many people you can reach with this service. By detail targeting down to the size pea coat an end-user is searching for on Google AdWords, it is no surprise they have continuously been deemed the most powerful digital advertising tool on the market today.

So now that you have a much clearer idea of how Digital Marketing works, we would like to explore the best option s for your business.  By setting up a simple 30-minute consultation with one of Craeve’s onsite Digital Marketing specialists, we will be able to guide you to the most beneficial platforms and get your ads working to make you more profitable today. Email us at: info@craeve.com for more information.