Why Cohesive Branding Matters
December 15, 2021

Do you have a consistent logo, font, or color? Would your clients recognize your marketing before they see your logo on it? We often find that a client’s initial “look” fades significantly with time and may become unrecognizable after too many iterations are made along the way. Uniformity of brand representation across all platforms establishes awareness, creates greater recognition, and inspires trust among your target audience. It is a critical step often missed in building a complete sales and marketing strategy.

Benefits of Implementing Cohesive Branding:

Building Social Relationships

All messaging that comes from your brand is a means of connecting with your target audience. We are social creatures; we seek lasting connections. Becoming identifiable and constructing an approachable and consistent brand is key to securing trust and establishing yourself as an authority within the industry. Being mindful of the brand foundation reinforces the overall vision and ultimately attracts more leads that fit your ideal buyer persona.

Building Brand Personality

Your target audience relates to your business through your words, attitudes, actions, behaviors, and much more. Advertising text, blogs, mission statements, taglines, and website copy represent your brand’s voice and personality. How you differentiate your business and communicate your purpose should be thoughtfully written and intentional. If your target audience relates to your brand personality, they will be more likely to engage with you.

Building Cohesive Marketing

Craeve believes the first layer of a cohesive marketing strategy and foundation is accomplished through brand guidelines, visual elements, a unique brand voice, and consistency. From website to social media, advertisements, customer experience, and print and digital materials, your brand – or lack thereof—is expressed in every aspect of your marketing. A recognizable identity provides the same impression no matter where your target audience is experiencing your business.

Below, the takeaway.

A deep understanding of your brand’s intended purpose inspires credibility, brand recognition, and buyer trust. The more cohesive and consistent, the stronger your marketing strategy will appeal to your target audience. Cohesive branding throughout your marketing strategy requires attention to the details. Period.