Why Should Sales & Marketing Be Integrated?
January 15, 2021

Now that we’ve learned the story behind sales figures for 2020, lets take a deeper look into integrated sales & marketing. You may even ask, what is it, how does it work, and why should it be integrated? A simple answer is that integrated sales & marketing is the process both teams in an organization will apply, in order to turn a potential new customer into a lifetime customer.

When looking at the overall strategy of a company, it’s important to consider how well the entire team is functioning and communicating on a day-to-day basis.

Understanding the stresses and challenges from ownership to management to internal ops, may be necessary to help you adjust the overall internal and external strategy for growing sales. For example, if you as the owner and your management team or employees are not communicating well, then putting further stress on an already dysfunctional situation will probably not result in higher sales.  If anything it will probably just create higher stress for everyone and potentially deepen the dysfunction long term. It simply does not make sense to pull the resources together to drum up new business, if your team is not able to provide a seamless customer experience or close the deal.

Sound like your business? Here are a few strategies to help:

  • Consider that everyone on your team is human and will have challenges in different areas. When looking at the overall strategy of a company, you cannot discount the personal lives of the employees, owners or management team. Understanding those challenges first will create the groundwork for healthy working relationships in the future.
  • They always say to tackle the big stuff first, but the big stuff isn’t always obvious when you are running a company. Make sure you are getting the internal teams aligned to work more efficiently and positively together before trying to implement a new plan.  Part of the overall strategy should be to make sure there is alignment from the top down in the first place!
  • It’s not all about the right messaging in marketing and right strategy for sales.  It’s about collectively and holistically aligning the company’s goals with what will successfully grow your business. Define your end-goal for the year and make sure the entire team is onboard with aiming for those goals. Without a single goal in mind, team members may find themselves floundering in a multitude of unnecessary directions. Did the Vikings make it across the pond rowing in different directions?! I don’t think so.
  • Consider creative ways to alleviate the duties involved in the integrated marketing process. Create a new position for the changing landscape, take a class to help with time management, or hire an outside team like Craeve & Co, who can surgically remove and adjust your sales and marketing strategies while working alongside your current team.

Because your sales plan is what dictates your strategy all the way to the marketing level, it is important to have all the parts operating smoothly to maximize results. Once your team is performing with full flow and functionality, you will see the results in increased customer acquisition and overall growth. And therefore, you have now come full circle in the integrated marketing process.

Bottom Line: We believe the machine needs to be well-oiled before you put any gas in the tank.