Fast Facts About Google’s March 2024 Algorithm Update
April 18, 2024

In digital marketing and SEO, it’s critical for companies to stay informed of Google’s algorithm updates. Google’s recent announcement about its March 2024 algorithm update is another step forward in its ongoing focus to improve the quality of Search and deliver websites that offer original and helpful content. This update, which is still rolling out, underscores the need for companies to adapt their marketing strategies to these changes. At Craeve & Co., we recognize the implications of these updates on your marketing approach. We are committed to guiding our clients through this landscape by leveraging our expertise in crafting engaging, pertinent, and tailored content.

What’s New with This Update? 

Google has always emphasized originality and valuable content for the reader. But with the latest update, things got serious—as in, websites got removed and deindexed from Google. If your website contains low-quality, unoriginal, outdated content, this is important stuff. It doesn’t mean that Google will remove your website (they could!), but there are unfavorable consequences for not putting the user experience first.

Improved Quality Ranking: Algorithm changes to Google’s core ranking systems will now more effectively identify and promote content that offers genuine value to users, decreasing the appearance of unoriginal and irrelevant pages in search results.

Updated Spam Policies: In January, Google announced new email requirements to improve email deliverability and combat spam. With the March algorithm update, Google wants to eliminate the lowest-quality content from its search results, including webpages that seem solely designed to rank well in search engines without providing valuable information.

Addressing Scaled Content and Site Reputation Abuse: The update targets abusive practices like using automation or third-party content to manipulate search rankings without offering helpful content, ensuring that only authentic and high-quality sites receive the visibility they deserve.

Our Approach to Content Creation 

At Craeve & Co., we specialize in crafting custom content that resonates with your audience and adheres to the highest standards of quality and relevance. Our marketing specialists stay educated about the latest trends and updates in search engine algorithms, ensuring that your content strategy meets any new criteria set forth by Google. Whether through compelling blog posts, informative website content, or engaging social media posts, we’re here to help you create a strong online presence that drives traffic, engagement, and conversion.

We applaud Google’s continued focus on quality, relevance, and a positive user experience. By partnering with Craeve, your content strategy is in capable hands. Together, let’s create authentic content that ranks well on Google and, more importantly, truly connects with and provides value to your audience.